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3omdmkn2mro Crystal Castles - Vietnam (Alex Zelenka Remix)

This'll be a long-term thing, and this first post will be updated with live bootlegs and other bits I've missed.

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I was trying to work out earlier what Crystal Castles music I did and didn't own, and what stuff was out there that I didn't know about, so I thought I'd start a thread where we can compile all of their releases, albums, singles - pretty much everything they've ever done (that we know about).

It'd also be a good place for a relatively new Crystal Castles fan to know what's out there.

Furthermore, they like to keep an aura of mystery about them in interviews and on stage (if they even care showing up, that is: they apparently have the reputation of being quite erratic in that area), yet tracks like ‘Untrust Us’ or ‘Good Time’ are extremely melodic and—dare I say—even a bit cute.

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