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Once a date is successfully landed, there’s still the stilted conversation, the awkward silences, the embarrassments, the misunderstandings and the rejections to negotiate. This, understandably, puts dating on a whole new plane of difficulty.

As with all tests in pregnancy, combined screening for Down’s syndrome is optional. This means that the screening will only identify a baby as being at a ‘high’ or ‘low risk’ of being affected by Down’s syndrome.The NHS has given £50,000 to charity Ark to help people with Asperger’s find love.As the online-dating stigma fades and singles-clubs and speed-dating becomes all the rage, the modern dating scene is changing – and upping its expectations too.I've now to wait until 22nd Dec for my 20week scan. X Thanks ladies, I think we probably will tell everyone if all is ok as I don't think we'd be able to keep it to ourselves!! X I had mine when I dated myself at 11 weeks but was told I was only 9 5. An having a private NT scan at 12 weeks (I live in Wales and we don't get NHS NT scans), so am hoping to see more then.:-) Just hoping I'm not behind on dates and then the 12 week mark would seen even further away!! Me too, I had my nhs dating scan at 10 5 due to a bleed.