Pimp dating strategy games online

You’ll know exactly how to SMOOTHLY approach any situation and get the girl THAT NIGHT Once you’re passed the hook-point, you want to make the interaction into an equal tennis match.

In this section, I teach you how to build the comfort she needs, and how to cement you in her reality as a “Real Person” who she’ll fantasize having sex with If a girl doesn’t feel like she worked to get you, you’ll have the hardest time sleeping with her and find yourself always pursuing her. Once you’ve mastered the Sex-Worthy Vibe you’ll understand this yourself.

It is based in New York City and you can either run it alone or join a gang depending on how you feel.

You build your empire by recruiting hoes and thugs to do your dirty work, they earn your money and fight your battles all you have to do is keep them under control.

how to pick up the hottest women, in the hardest venues, and the results have been nothing short of phenomenal for my students: And today I’m going to help YOU turn into THAT GUY, who no matter what, will get RAW MAGNETIC ATTRACTION from every girl you meet...

”LOOK THEM STRAIGHT IN THE EYES, AND ” And that was my catalyst.

If you do all of the above right, she will test to see if you’re the guy you’re presenting yourself to be.

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So, are you going to be a backstabbing pimp that no one can trust or a loyal gang member that can be depended upon?

Because in today’s “always on” sexual marketplace of convenience, men & women can be taken for granted.

While in service to our members, and women alike, a personal touch is at the heart of everything we do.

So I decided to sit down for MONTHS and really break down what it meant to HAVE GIRLS FLOCKING TO YOU.

As “offensive” or “obnoxious” as the words coming out of my mouth were…