Sony vegas main faile updating

Subject: Sony Vegas Pro will not update filter list.Issue: Sony Vegas Pro won’t update filter list to reflect newly installed BCC effects, requiring you to manually clear the effects cache.Do what "Sleepyhead Media" said but also check before rendering, when choosing the format to render with, click on it and then click on Customize Template, then under Encode Mode select Render using CPU only!(This is valid if you render in .mp4 which is what is shown on your screenshot) Also i always remove the tick on Allow source to adjust framerate but i don't know if that's part of the problem, it's just a thing i prefer to leave off.Keep in mind that You Tube will re-encode everything you upload to their own encoding settings.Thus, the higher the quality of uploaded videos, the higher the quality of your clips on You Tube.

I'm desperate to upload the new video I made My GPU : AMD HD Radeon 6780 Processor: Intel Core i5 3.10GHz RAM : 8GB Here's a screenshot: go to options, then preferences and Turn (OFF) GPU Acceleration.

However Movie Studio and Vegas Pro may have done an auto-save of your project file, which can be recovered and re-saved if you're lucky.

Auto-saved project files are saved to the Temporary Files Cache, so it is important to first inspect this folder before your do a full program reset and delete of the cache.

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