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Hey, maybe this whole Internet thing is going to catch on after all! In the case when the u Pro website would not establish a connection to allow us to load courses, we just needed to relaunch the Sync application on the u Pro.Be sure to confirm that the Sync application has quit before removing the u Pro after updating your course list.For those who are looking for an easy-to-use device and can live with a limited set of distance information, the neo should be one of the top devices to consider. Details: Syncing: Though no syncing is required to get started, you will need to get an i Golf account within 45 days of first powering on the device to make sure it continues to function.The Good: With all of the courses already pre-loaded onto the neo , all that is required is to charge up the device (the battery provides six to eight hours of use on a full charge) and head for the course. The i Golf account will also enable you to sync the neo to ensure you have the latest course data. Ensuring your neo has the latest information requires logging in to your i account, going to the “Profile” tab (which was not intuitive), and then pressing “Sync Device”.

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The device syncs directly with a web interface, eliminating the need to install any desktop manager software on a computer.Which means accuracy and number of courses pre-loaded doesn't make a device stand out.While the answers may appear simple, the testing was thorough and The Most Wanted Handheld GPS winner was put through the paces rain and shine to give you the insight you need to make your buying decision.We’ve run with more than 20 GPS running watches over the past three years, and we’ve found that the Garmin Forerunner 230 is the best for both beginners and experienced runners.It carries on the accuracy, long battery life, and light profile of our previous Garmin pick (the Forerunner 220) but has a larger screen with more readable information, enabling quick-glance updates while running.